Vega One vs Shakeology

This next edition in healthy shake options now looks at the Vega One vs Shakeology shakes.  While there are plenty of meal replacement shakes that are geared towards weight loss and healthy nutrition, one of the biggest perks of the Shakeology is that it is loaded with good ingredients, thus making it a high end shake option.  However, in light of quality ingredients that Shakeology offers, other options have hit the market, with an attempt to market a deviation of Shakeology.

Vega One is a nutritious shake option that contains many of the same benefits that other meal replacements offer, but this brand closely compares to the Shakeology shakes.  This comparison is detailed below and it lists some of the prominent features of the both the options.  So which nutritious shake option is for you?  Listed below are comparisons of the Vega One Chocolate and the Shakeology chocolate vegan shakes. You can pick up the vega one shake from Amazon or shakeology from the beach body website here.

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Comparing the Differences between Vega One vs Shakeology

1) Health Benefits

If you have spent any time looking into nutritious shakes and researching what each has to offer, chances are you have seen sections that are dedicated to health benefits.  Now, this section is designed at detailing some health benefits that each has to offer in addition to what it can do for your health.

  • Vega One. When you think of health benefits you have to imagine what it can do to boost your health.  Now, this may involve nutrients, vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber, etc. because health benefits differ for each person.  Depending on your health needs, the Vega One may be able to meet them.  In this comparison of Vega One vs Shakeology, there are many of the same labeled health benefits, including improved digestion, vitamins and minerals, and natural antioxidants.  However, perhaps a plus between the two is that Vega One offers actual veggies and greens in the shakes, which is a better form of nutrients than artificial nutrients.  This is a good start for Vega One.
  • Shakeology.  In the comparison of both shakes, there are close similarities in health benefits.  Shakeology is not very modest when describing their digestive enzymes and intestinal support.  This is because Shakeology contains a good amount of prebiotics and probiotics, in addition to digestive enzymes to help speed waste through your body.  While Vega One states that it contains probiotics, this is only one source and more strains of probiotics is best for your digestive health.  It seems the health benefits, especially from a digestive standpoint, is a draw between the the two.

2) Total Cost of Vega One vs Shakeology

Sometimes decisions need to come down to the cost of the product, especially since both the Vega One and Shakeology options are closely compared to each other.  With that said, let’s compare the cost of each.

  • Vega One. Vega One is an option that many find to be affordable.  A 20 serving container of Vega One costs about $70, which is roughly $3.50 per serving.  However, compared to the Shakeology option that contains 30 servings in a bulk package, the expected cost of 30 servings would be about $105. You can pick up the vacant one shake from Amazon here.
  • Shakeology.  In comparison to Vega One, the Shakeology shake contains more servings, 30 to be precise.  However, the cost of Shakeology is originally $130, which is slightly more.  However, if you become a Beachbody coach, which is $40 to sign-up and then $15 per month afterwards, the cost of a Shakeology bulk package is 25 percent off, or less than $100 per 30 servings.  This gives Shakeology the slight advantage in the price. Check out the information on the 25% discount for shakeology .
  • You can pick up shakeology here ( it will also make me your personal beach body coach) if you decide to purchase.

3) Total Fat

One important nutrient in weight loss is fat, and this does not refer to what you are trying to shred off your body.  Fat is a vital part of your diet and one gram of fat gives about nine calories.  This demonstrates that fat is highly caloric and consuming fattening foods can quickly tack on the calories.  Not to mention, a diet high in fat is highly associated with obesity and heart disease, so avoiding fat wherever possible is important.  Let’s compare the fat content of the both these shakes.

  • Vega One. Now, both labels state four grams of fat per serving, but one thing that caught my eye is that Vega One did not list any saturated fats per serving.  Saturated fats are one of the most damaging forms of fat for your health and avoiding them is important.  It should be assumed that Vega One does not contain saturated fat unless otherwise stated.  In addition, the four grams of fat in Vega One state there are 2.5 grams of polyunsaturated fats per serving, which is where your omega-3 fatty acids come from.
  • Shakeology.  Similar to the Vega One, Shakeology also states there are four grams of fats per serving.  However, the nutrition label for Shakeology chocolate vegan flavor has about one gram of saturated fat, which should be avoided if possible.  In addition, there are 1.5 grams of polyunsaturated fats one monounsaturated fat (which is good for omega-3 fats) in Shakeology, which is the same as Vega One.  The difference between the Vega One and Shakeology is close here, but it is a close draw. You can check out all of the flavors here.

4) Ingredients

This section of the Vega One vs Shakeology review really starts to shift.  While both shake options contain similarities in the primary ingredients, there are a few differences in quality of food offered in the shakes.  Let’s take a look at the ingredients of each shake option to see what makes them so special.

  • Vega One. Vega One contains many of the same ingredients as the Shakeology shakes, but the difference is that Vega One does not contain super foods.  The listed ingredients of Vega One include goji berry, maca, as well as protein blends.  The protein blend in Vega One contains rice protein, pea protein, SaviSeed, and hemp protein.  These are typical protein sources among vegan diets and they are pretty good when it comes to quality.  As far as other ingredients, Vega One contains cocoa powder, Stevia, xanthum gum (not food), and other natural flavors.
  • Shakeology.  This is one section where Shakeology really takes the upper hand.  While Shakeology touts having quality ingredients, perhaps the best thing the Shakeology shakes offers is the Superfood blend.  This is where the vitamins and minerals are supplied from in the vegan Shakeology shake and there are seriously about 30 ingredients that are not typically found in the local grocery store.  This contributes to the major value of Shakeology and it is a great way for customers to opt for a meal replacement that does not include the usual food ingredients found in local markets.  The upper hand here definitely goes to Shakeology.

5) Vitamins and Minerals

Your body needs vitamins and minerals in order to maintain optimal health.  Without these valuable nutrients, your body would succumb to disease and illness.  With that said, many adults nowadays spend endless money on vitamins and minerals in an effort to boost health, but sometimes these sources provide too much for what the body needs, thus contributing to more waste than absorption.  With that said, let’s look at what the Vega One and Shakeology shakes offers in vitamins and minerals.

  • Vega One. The Vega One shake contains a good amount of vitamins and minerals, almost similar to that of a multivitamin.  Now the total amount of vitamins and minerals is quite high, but not all of them are in high doses, which is actually more efficient for absorption in the body.  With that said, Vega One lists quite a few vitamins and minerals on its food label.
  • Shakeology.  This is a unique example in the Vega One vs Shakeology review, as the Shakeology chocolate vegan shake only lists vitamins A and C, calcium, and iron as the vitamins and minerals.  These four are mandated by the USDA on each label.  However, Shakeology does not list any other vitamins and minerals in this shake because they come naturally from the Superfood blend.  This means that the vitamins and minerals offered in each drink slightly differs, but the sources are much better than artificially added nutrients.  In the comparison between Vega One vs Shakeology, the vitamins and minerals upper hand goes to the Shakeology option only because the sources are natural and it has about every superfood on the planet on the ingredients list.

6) Calories

Calories are a major part of your diet and they are important for providing your body energy.  Generally speaking (because it is a long topic to discuss) calories are associated with weight loss and weight management and in the case of meal replacement shakes for weight loss, it is important to consume a shake that is low in calories.  Let’s take a look at the comparison between the Vega One and Shakeology.

  • Vega One. The Vega One option gets a slight win with this section, but there is much to be said about calories in each of the shakes.  The Vega One shake only contains 140 calories in a one scoop serving, with 36 of these calories coming from fat.  This is ideal when consuming a meal replacement and it is important for weight loss as well.
  • Shakeology.  In comparison to the Vega One shake, Shakeology contains 170 calories in a one scoop serving, with 36 calories coming from fat as well.  The added calories in Shakeology come from the increased carbohydrates and protein content as well.  In the case of calories in each shake, the difference of 30 calories is really splitting hairs, as this is not even noticeable.

7) Total Carbohydrate Content

Carbohydrates involve a number of nutrients, which is why when you read label information you see “total carbohydrates” listed.  In weight loss programs, too often people look to drop carbohydrates as a way to decrease overall weight, but carbs are vital to your health and wellness.  They provide fast forms of energy and help to regulate your blood sugar levels, so some carbs are good for you.  Let’s compare the Vega One and Shakeology shakes in carb content.

  • Vega One. Vega One, as demonstrated before, is lower in calories and part of the reason is because it contains only 11 grams of total carbohydrates.  Within these 11 grams of carbs includes one gram of sugar and six grams of fiber.  First of all, sugar is used to sweeten things, but one gram of sugar is not very much and you may not even notice if it were not present in the shake.  In addition, the six grams of fiber are pretty good for helping you to feel full after drinking your shake, plus it aids in improving digestive health.
  • Shakeology.  In comparison to the Vega One shake, Shakeology contains slightly more carbohydrates than Vega One.  In one serving, Shakeology contains 18 grams of carbs per serving, with eight grams of sugar and five grams of fiber included.  Some people do not like that Shakeology shakes contain eight grams of sugar, but in all honesty this helps to sweeten the drink.  In addition, the five grams of fiber in Shakeology is close to Vega One, but it is one gram less.  Overall, the carbohydrate profile in Shakeology is quite nice, but the upper hand slightly goes to Vega One.

8) Total Protein Content and Quality

Protein content is important in weight loss for a few reasons.  First, protein helps to build lean muscle mass, which many people tend to lose when weight loss occurs.  Secondly, protein helps to fill your body and keep you feeling full for a long time.  The key to weight loss is to consume ample protein spread out throughout the day, rather than high amounts at one meal.  Let’s take a look at the protein content and quality of the Vega One vs Shakeology and to see how they stack up with each other.

  • Vega One. The Vega One shake contains a vegan protein blend containing pea protein, SaviSeed protein, hemp seed protein, and brown rice protein.  These are good sources off protein and the Vega One option contains 15 grams of protein per serving.  This is a fair amount of protein without over doing it in your body and it is a good blend to help keep you full throughout the day.
  • Shakeology.  In comparison to Vega One, Shakeology contains about the same protein content, but slightly more at 16 grams per serving.  However, the quality of protein in Shakeology is better, which the Shakeology blend includes pea protein, oat protein, rice protein, chia seed, flax seed, and quinoa seed.  The blend of these proteins is better since Shakeology reports the amino acids with each serving.  This alone is the indicator that Shakeology protein is much higher quality and the consumer is assured that they are getting essential amino acids with every shake.

The Conclusion of Vega One vs Shakeology

This complete review of the Vega One vs Shakeology is quite in-depth and looks at nutrient profile, the costs, as well as some benefits for each.  While each shake option has its benefits, it is reasonable to expect that Shakeology is the clear winner, mainly since its nutrients are of better quality and due to better protein content and quality.  In addition, becoming a Beachbody coach makes the cost of Shakeology less than Vega One, which is an attractive benefit.  Overall, the Shakeology shake gets the nod. If you have made the decision about which shake is right for you you can check out the links below for more information. If you choose shakeology through the link below it will make me your personal beach body coach. I have tons of tips and tricks in order for you to be successful on your health and fitness journey 🙂

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Tyler Read has a Masters of Science in Kinesiology. Tyler is also a certified personal trainer with NASM, ACE, NSCA and NSCA CSCS. Tyler’s main goal is to help people get started in the personal training industry and to become successful personal trainers.

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