Hey guys and welcome to my Shakeology Alternatives article! I have mentioned in a lot of my posts that I use the supplement Shakeology to help supplement my overall diet and workout programs like P90x or Insanity. I do so because I really feel a difference while I am using Shakeology. I see results faster and it helps curb my appetite when I’m trying to lose body fat. The biggest complaints I have from some of my clients or people that I coach is that “Shakeology is too expensive” and “are there any Shakeology alternatives?”. I decided to make an article purely talking about what you can take instead of using Shakeology. Overall I do think that Shakeology is worth its price for what type of ingredients it contains. When people first see the price point of $129.95 for 30 servings  (approximately $4.33 per serving ) they say there’s no way they will buy that. I have spoken about how it is still worth that price point with how many vitamins and minerals you get and how much money you have to spend on fruits and vegetables to get the same health benefit. But that is not what this post is about.

In this post I’ll be talking about the top 3 Shakeology alternatives so you can get blending right away! Some of these meal replacements taste amazing and will provide you the same health benefits that Shakeology does. Let’s get right into the list!

1: Ka’Chava

Shakeology AlternativesThis was and still is one of my top choices for a meal replacement shake! I was first introduced to Ka’Chava a few years ago by a vegan friend that is super into health and fitness. I had tried vegan protein drinks before and was never very impressed by the taste until I tried Ka’Chava. I was absolutely blown away that a vegan drink could taste this rich while at the same time providing me with all of the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants in protein that I need for my diet. Ka’Chava is 100% vegan, gluten-free, soy free, dairy free with absolutely no preservatives or artificial ingredients. Some of the unique ingredients include Sacha Inchi, Maqui Berry, Camu Camu, Maca Root, Amartanth and Chia seeds. Although one serving of Ka’chava contains more calories than one serving of Shakeology, it actually controls my hunger for much longer and therefore balances out. It also contains 24 g protein which is significantly higher than that of Shakeology. Instance I’m trying to build as much muscle as possible, this was one of the most important factors for me.

I use Ka’chava for my post workout meal replacement, a quick breakfast and to control my hunger when I’m trying to slim down. One bag of Ka’Chava will cost you $69.95 for 15 servings. This comes out to $4.66 per meal replacement shake. It is around the same price as Shakeology but in my opinion I think it tastes much better. If you have not tried this, I highly suggest it as a Shakeology alternative. You will regret it if you don’t!

2: Garden of life from vegan meal replacement shake

The garden of life meal replacement shake is another good Shakeology alternative that comes at a decent price point. The biggest downfall is that it does not taste nearly as good as Shakeology or Ka’Chava. But it does have a similar nutrient mix as both of them. Just like Ka’Chava, Garden of life has no artificial flavoring and no additives as well.

When comparing the ingredient list from both the garden of life and Shakeology I found very few differences overall. If you have read my Shakeology review you’ll know the full list of ingredients. This is probably the closest nutrient profile to Shakeology out of all of the meal replacement shakes that I have seen.

One other benefit of the garden of life meal replacement shake is that it has a full 34 g of protein for each serving. That is basically twice the protein that Shakeology contains per serving. One of the most important things for me is to get a good amount of protein and every day. This is why I started using the garden of life meal replacement shake in the first place.

You can purchase the garden of life from Amazon.com at approximately $40 for 14 servings. That comes out to $2.87 per serving compared to the $4.33 for Shakeology. Although it does have a good amount of protein as well as a strong nutrient profile. The taste is what really gets me, and this might be the most important factor for any meal replacement shake. I was able to stomach the garden of life meal replacement drink for a few weeks but I had to go back to Shakeology and Ka’Chava afterwards due to the superior taste of both.

3: ViSalus Vi-Shape meal replacement shake

ViSalus is definitely the cheapest Shakeology alternative that I found. Although the biggest downfall is that it does not contain the same nutrient profile that the first three do. It is however an excellent source of protein. It contains a blend of soy protein, whey protein and 23 different vitamins and minerals. It also contains digestive enzymes but not nearly as many.

The protein count for one serving of ViSalus is 12 g. This is 5 g less than Shakeology and significantly less than both Ka’Chava and the garden of life. This is why it is at the bottom of my list in terms of protein and nutrient content.

It is however the cheapest option by far coming in at $52.99 on Amazon.com right now for 30 servings. That comes to $1.77 per meal replacement shake. So from an economical standpoint, this is definitely a great Shakeology alternative. The taste is all right and it has a decent amount of vitamins and minerals. I still don’t feel the same while taking this as I do with Shakeology and Ka’Chava. The biggest downfall for me is that it only has 12 g of protein.

Conclusion on Shakeology alternatives!

I hope you guys liked my article on the various Shakeology alternatives that you can choose from. If you’re getting bored with Shakeology or simply want to switch things up, this list should be able to point you in the right direction. Overall if you want the drink with the strongest nutritional profile and the best taste, you definitely need to try out Ka’Chava! If you want something with a ton of protein, strong nutritional profile but not the best taste, you should check out the garden of life meal replacement shake. Lastly if you are on the budget and you would like to save some money while still getting a decent amount of vitamins, minerals and protein, check out ViSalus. Leave me a comment if you have any other suggestions for a meal replacement shake that you feel should be on this list. What have you guys tried and what are some good deals out there? Thanks again everyone for checking out my Shakeology alternatives article!

I still highly suggest that you pair your protein powder with a solid workout regimen like T25, Cize, the 21 day fix, max 30 or p90x3. There are tons of at home workouts that I talk about on my site. If you like comparison articles I also suggest check out my p90x vs Insanity article or my body beast vs hammer and chisel comparison. Thanks for stopping by!

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