Hey guys and gals and welcome to my P90x3 calendar article.There is a blue download button to download my custom excel calendars located below the each image on this page. The greatest thing about the P90x3 program is that there is not just one routine that you can follow. It was designed for people with multiple goals in mind. Whether you are trying to purely lose body fat, lose body fat and gain a little bit of muscle or purely focus on building big muscles, this program has it all. The three P90x3 calendars that I will be focusing on in this article are the classic schedule, the lean schedule and the mass schedule. I have complete articles dedicated to those three as well but go more into detail about who they are meant for. I suggest you read my P90x3 review to learn all there is to know about the program.

If you decide that the P90x3 program is right for you, make sure to make me your personal beach body coach. I have been working as a personal trainer for over 10 years and have helped hundreds of clients reach their fitness goals. All you need to do to make me your personal coach is to use my beach body coach ID number when you sign up with a program such as P90x3. My ID number is 1339221. Some popular options for the P90x3 program are the base package, the deluxe package and the ultimate package.

The three P90x3 calendar options

The three different P90x3 calendars makes it mass all of the workout routines that program provides you to target different goals. They all have some things in common though. For example they all last 13 weeks long. They all consists of three different blocks of training routines. The first block lasts for weeks long. The second block lasts for weeks long as well and the third and final block the last five weeks long. This is the same across all three schedule types.

The P90x3 classic schedule

The classic schedule is very similar to the original P90x program. It is designed to help you burn some body fat while at the same time building some lean muscle mass. This is definitely the most common schedule to start out with when you receive P90x3. Overall the workouts are grateful body workouts that mix resistance training with cardiovascular training equally. This is a great 90 day workout that will give you a better feel of which schedule to do next (if you decide to do another round). Click here to find out more about the classic schedule.

Here is a link to download the P90x3 classic schedule

P90x3 classic schedule

The P90x3 Classic calendar is available to download from the blue button below. You can switch between all of the Months using the tabs as pointed to by the Green arrows in the image above.

The P90x3 Mass schedule

The P90x3 mass schedule is meant for people that would like to put on is much muscle mass as they can during the three-month period. It does very similar to the popular body beast program from beach body. There is a lot more resistance training exercises compared to the classic and lean schedule. You will be doing a lot of pull-ups, push-ups and free weight resistance training exercises. Click here to learn a little bit more about the mass schedule.

Here is a link to download the P90x3 mass schedule

P90x3 Mass schedule

The P90x3 Mass calendar is available to download from the blue button below. You can switch between all of the Months using the tabs as pointed to by the green arrows in the image above.

The P90x3 lean schedule

The lean schedule is for people that have a hard time shredding body fat. There is a lot more cardiovascular intensive routines compared to the classic and mass schedules. This is also a good idea if you are just coming off the mass schedule and would like to burn as much body fat while maintaining muscle mass. If you love to do cardio, this could be the routine for you as well. I have seen lots of my clients give fantastic weight loss results with this schedule in particular. Check out my full article on the P90x3 lean schedule here.

Here is a link to download the P90x3 lean schedule

P90x3 calendar lean

The P90x3 Lean calendar is available to download from the blue button below. You can switch between all of the Months using the tabs as pointed to by the green arrows in the image above.

So which P90x3 calendar is right for you?

Overall if you are not quite sure which schedule to start with, I would definitely do the classic schedule. This will give you a fantastic three-month workout program and you will be able to see muscle definition as well as a decrease in body fat as well. By the end of the program if you would like to lose more body fat you can choose the lean schedule. On the other hand if you feel like you are too skinny and would like to pack on some muscle mass, you can opt to do the mass schedule. Either way, there are so many options that leaves a completely in your hands. This should be the way every at-home workout product works!

If you decide that P90x3 is the program for you, make sure to sign up with me as your personalized beach body coach. I will make sure that you are successful with whatever goal you have in mind! All you need to do to join my team is use my coach ID number 1339221 when you sign up in order to join my team. Your Arsenal purchasing options for the P90x3 program.

  1. The base package includes the 16 primary workouts as well as the one bonus workout. You also get six free gifts which are the fitness guide, nutrition guide, workout calendar, how to accelerate DVD, resistance bands and 24 hour support. It also comes with a 90 day moneyback guarantee.
  2. The deluxe package includes everything that the base package did with three additional workouts (so 20 total), 3 different resistance bands, and a one month supply of beach body performance energizes, which is basically a pre-workout.
  3. The ultimate package includes everything that the deluxe package did as well as  a beach body jump mat, beach body performance recovery (post workout drink), a quality chin up bar and the chin up Max (resistance bands to assist pull-ups). The last option is the
  4. P90x3 challenge pack which combines shakeology nutrition with P90x3.

I hope you all enjoyed my P90x3 calendar article. If you are not quite sure which workout program is right for you, I suggest checking out some of my comparison articles that compare the best at-home workout products against one another. Some popular ones that include P90x3 are: P90x3 vs InsanityInsanity Max 30 vs P90x3, The original P90x vs P90x3P90x2 vs P90x3 or the 21 day fix vs P90x3. Enjoy 🙂

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