How Much do Beachbody Coaches Make

So you think you’ve got what it takes to be a Beachbody coach? Curious about how it all works? You’ve probably read or heard stories about Beachbody coaches “firing the boss”, earning an amazing amount of money and living the life of their dreams — all while helping other people change their lives for the better. Now before you jump off the deep end, you might be wondering to yourself “exactly how much do Beachbody coaches make?”.

Well, if that’s your question then this is the article for you. In it, I take a comprehensive look at Beachbody coach income and the ins and outs of the Beachbody compensation plan. I’ll also take you through Beachbody’s official statement of Independent Coach Earnings that lists the average Beachbody coach income for each coaching level as well as the minimum and maximum earnings for each level. To learn more about beachbody coach levels check out this article.

So settle in, grab a coffee and brace yourself. Today’s article will be a little more technical than usual, but by the end of it, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of Beachbody’s payment structure and your future earning potential.

After reading this article, if you decide to become a beachbody coach here is the link to do so. It will make me your personal coach so that I can help you be successful. I can even show you step-by-step how to build the site just like this one. If you already are using beach body products and are unsatisfied with the help you’re getting from your coach, you can change coaches to me with these instructions. If you’re interested in learning how much it actually costs to become a coach, check out that article.

How Much do Beachbody Coaches Make? — Key Terms for Understanging Beachbody Coach Income

The deeper you venture into the Beachbody universe, the more you will be confronted with various acronyms and terms that are unique to the Beachbody brand. Don’t panic, pretty soon these words will be like a second language to you. To familiarize you with Beachbody’s unique “language”, I’ll be using the following terms and acronyms throughout this article — a full list can be found at the end of this document.

COACH BUSINESS CENTER (CBC) – This term refers to your Beachbody coaching business. Emerald to diamond coaches will only have one CBC, while 2-star diamond and above coaches may have up to 25.

LEG – All coaching teams are divided into two administrative branches called a “left leg” and a “right leg”.

PERSONAL VOLUME (PV) – PV is generated by you through your personal purchases of Beachbody products or through the orders of your personal retail customers.

TEAM VOLUME (TV) – TV is a term used for Beachbody products and memberships that the coaches on your team (or the students of the coaches you recruit) sell to their own personal customers or that they themselves purchase for personal use — any person that was referred to the coaching program by you or someone you recruited, is considered to be “downline” of you.

VOLUME POINT – A volume point is a unit of measurement used by Beachbody that is equivalent to around $1.10 (although this may vary slightly between different products and services). PV and TV are measured with these points.

How Much do Beachbody Coaches Make? — The Importance of Coach Rankings in the Beachbody Compensation Plan

Beachbody coach income will depend on the rank of a coach and there are 19 different ranks in the Beachbody compensation plan, ranging from an active coach all the way up to a 15-star diamond coach.

Rankings are an important factor in the Beachbody compensation plan because each level has a weekly and yearly maximum that a coach can earn, ranging from $250 per week and $13,000 per year, all the way up to $12,000 per week and $624,000 per year. Although some people think this is similar to a pyramid scheme, it does absolutely nothing like it.

Good coaches make the majority of their income from their weekly cycle bonuses as opposed to customer orders. Here’s a breakdown of how much money you can make as a beach body coach based on what level you are at. The chart will not be displaying the ranks from 11 star diamond to 15 Star diamond. This is because it’s not possible to earn additional team cycle bonuses after you have hardly reached 10 star diamond status.

Beachbody levels and how much you can make as a coach with team cycle bonuses:

Rank in BeachbodyMax weekly team cycle bonus (per business center)Max Yearly team cycle bonus (per business center)
Coach $0$0
Emerald $250$13,000
1 Star Diamond$3,000$156,000
2 Star Diamond$4,000$208,000
3 Star Diamond$5,000$260,000
4 Star Diamond$6,000$312,000
5 Star Diamond$7,000$364,000
6 Star Diamond$8,000$416,000
7 Star Diamond$9,000$468,000
8 Star Diamond$10,000$520,000
9 Star Diamond$11,000$572,000
10 Star Diamond$12,000$624,000

I will talk about how to actually earn this team cycle bonus a little bit further down in this article.

Rankings are also important because to achieve and maintain a ranking in the Beachbody compensation plan, each coach will have a minimum requirement of PV (personal volume) they must generate every 35 days, as well as seniority requirements for the rankings of coaches that are beneath (or “downline” of) them.

For example, to be classified as an emerald coach a person must generate at least 50 PV in every 35 day period and have at least two active coaches downline of them. Compare this to a 5-star diamond coach, who must generate 200 PV every 35 days and have a total of 5 diamond coaches beneath them.

For an in-depth rundown of Beachbody coaching levels and the role they play in the Beachbody compensation plan, check out this article.

How Much do Beachbody Coaches Make? — Retail Sales in the Beachbody Compensation Plan

General Sales

The retail sales aspect of the Beachbody compensation plan is quite straightforward and easy to understand. Coaches simply receive a 25% commission on all sales that they generate from their personal retail customers (customers they personally fill orders with). For example, if you sell an Insanity course to somebody for $120, you would receive 25% of the total price (or $30) in commission. If you sell six of these courses over the course of a month, you would make $180 in commission (25% of $720 = $180). If your final amount of personal sales for the month is $2380, you will receive 25% of this (or $595) as a commission payment. This applies to all of their at-home workout courses, supplements and shakeology. In fact I know tons of coaches the signed up just to get the shakeology discount without ever planning on turning it into a business or selling any products.

While the team cycle bonuses (discussed below) are where the serious money is made, many coaches I know supplement their weekly income handsomely with minimal effort through retail sales. The best way to do this is through Shakeology sales, as they are a consumable item and coaches are paid the 25% commission for every re-order.

The Beachbody compensation plan is also great because (unlike some other programs out there) there are no quotas or volume thresholds to meet before a coach will qualify for commission payments. Beachbody coaches simply receive a 25% commission on any sales they make regardless of the amount of product they sell.

Special Bonuses

On top of the 25% flat-rate commission structure, the Beachbody compensation plan allows coaches to earn additional income from special bonuses for specific products. The following bonuses are paid weekly and can be earned by all coaches irrespective of their ranking level.

Beachbody On Demand membership commissions — This bonus pays a 40% commission on sales and renewals of Beachbody On Demand memberships. Commissions range from $23.60 – $39.60.

Shakeology Fast Start bonus — Coaches can earn an additional $20 bonus each time one of the coaches they personally sponsor buys a Shakeology Home Direct Starter Pack.

Shakeology Fast Start Plus bonus — Coaches will receive an additional $100 bonus every time they earn 5 Shakeology Fast Start bonuses in any consecutive five-week period.

Challenge Pack Fast Start bonus — Coaches will earn a bonus each time a newly recruited personally sponsored coach purchases a Challenge Pack. Bonuses can vary from between $50 – $105 and will depend on the specific Challenge Pack purchased.

How Much do Beachbody Coaches Make?  — Team Cycle Bonuses in the Beachbody Compensation Plan

Team Cycle bonuses are where things start to get real and Beachbody coach income skyrockets! When you hear of $100,000+ per year coaches or coaches receiving tens of thousands of dollars in commission payments a month, this is usually because the coach has a large downline team that is generating lots of TV (team volume). This is one of the biggest benefits of being a coach.

There are a few important things to know about team cycle bonuses. Firstly, to be eligible for a cycle bonus you’ll need to be at least an emerald coach with one active coach in each of your right and left legs.

A “cycle bonus” occurs when your team accumulates 300 TV (approximately $330 in sales) with at least one-third (100 TV or $110 in sales) of this occurring in one leg and two-thirds (200 TV or $220 in sales) occurring in the other leg. As soon as your team hits a cycle bonus, you will be paid a cash amount depending on your rank as follows:

  • Emerald coach cycle bonus = $14 per cycle
  • Ruby coach cycle bonus = $16 per cycle
  • Diamond and star-diamond coach cycle bonus = $18 per cycle

While you may think that $14 isn’t all that much, keep in mind that the TV for your CBC (coach business center) is calculated based on the sales of ALL of the people downline of you and is not restricted to people you have personally sponsored. This is great news because it “spreads the net wide” so earnings from people far removed from you such as your student’s students and their student’s students can be counted towards your team cycle bonus! That’s why many Beachbody coaches have in excess of 1000 people downline of them with higher ranked coaches having 8000 or more people beneath them, so that’s a LOT of team volume being generated. What’s more, if your team has sufficient TV you can receive up to 96 cycle bonuses a day ($1,344 for emerald coaches to $1728 for diamond coaches), so it can all add up very quickly.

The above diagram demonstrates how bonus cycles work. The coach has 540 TV in their left or “strong” leg and 200 TV in their right or “weaker” leg. Because a person needs 200 TV in one leg and 100 TV in the other to activate a team cycle bonus, the coach in this example is entitled to two team cycle bonuses based on the amount of available TV points. The remaining 140 TV of unused team volume in the left leg will remain there and can be used for the next cycle.

As if all this wasn’t enough. The Beachbody compensation plan allows coaches that are ranked at the ruby level or above to earn a weekly “matching bonus” on all team cycle bonuses earned by coaches they have personally signed up to the program.

Ruby coaches will earn a 5% matching bonus while diamond and star-diamond coaches earn a 10% matching bonus. This bonus can add up VERY quickly and it demonstrates the importance of personally sponsoring the right people because if your coaching team is motivated, they can do huge numbers on which you will earn your 5% or 10% matching bonus.

This means that if you are a diamond coach who has sponsored several very motivated coaches who are having $1000 and above weeks (very achievable), you will be making $100 dollars (10% of $1000) a week per coach on a continuous basis for simply having signed them on!

How Much do Beachbody Coaches Make?  — Additional Bonuses for Star-Diamond Coaches

Leadership Bonus

Star-diamond coaches are the “apex predators” of the Beachbody compensation plan ecosystem and as such, they receive additional perks and bonuses, with the most lucrative of these being a “leadership bonus”. This bonus is only available to 2-star diamond coaches and above and is paid out quarterly from 2% of the total volume that Beachbody earns as a company (we’re talking HUGE numbers here). There are four bonus pools that are divided as follows:

Pool 1 — Active 2-star diamond and above coaches
Pool 2 — Active 5-star diamond and above coaches
Pool 3 — Active 10-star diamond and above coaches
Pool 4 — Active 15-star diamond and above coaches

Each of these pools receives ½% of the 2% company team volume and because there will be less coaches the higher up the hierarchy you travel, the pieces of the pie get much, much bigger. Oh, and what’s more, as a coach moves up the rankings, they qualify for ALL of the bonuses, which means that a 15-star diamond coach would earn the full 2% bonus. I’m told by friends “in the know” that this is usually upwards of $170,000 per year, which doesn’t even include the coach’s own retail sales commissions and team cycle bonuses!

Additional Coaching Business Centers

In the Beachbody compensation plan, 2-star diamond coaches and above can also open an additional 25 coaching business centers that function as completely independent organizations and are eligible for all of the maximum earning opportunities. This means that, hypothetically at least, with 25 business centers each being able to earn up to $624,00 a year, the maximum Beachbody coach income is $15,600,000 per year or $300,000 per week.

How Much do Beachbody Coaches Make?  — Average Beachbody Coach Income

All this talk of practically unlimited earning potential is great, but what is the AVERAGE Beachbody coach income? Well, based on Beachbody’s annual statement of independent coach earnings, the average Beachbody coach income for all active coaches that are ranked at emerald and above is $11,254 per year (or $216 per week), while the average earnings for ALL ranks (including inactive and active but not yet emerald coaches) is $3,233 a year.

Emerald Beachbody Coach Income

The average earnings for an emerald coach was $3,065 (or $59 per week) with the highest earning coach making $83,793.

Ruby Beachbody Coach Income

Ruby coaches made an average of $10,271 (or $198 per week) with the highest earning coach making $131,496.

Diamond Beachbody Coach Income

Diamond coaches made an average of $14,671 (or $282 per week) with the highest earning coach making $294,618.

Star-diamond Beachbody Coach Income

While these averages are certainly not chump change (I don’t know many people who wouldn’t be glad to make an extra $216 a week for never leaving the house), it is at the star-diamond levels where we see the power of the team cycle bonus in action with the average star-diamond coach earning $109,225 and the highest achievers earning more than $3.5 million per year.


Looking at the Beachbody coach income sheet as a whole, two things really stand out. Firstly, coaches who progress to the emerald rank are the ones who begin making more serious money. This is probably due to the fact that many coaches are “discount coaches” (people who use Shakeology and become coaches for the 25% discount), or that once the majority of people become emerald coaches they double down and begin to really work on their business.

The second interesting thing is the huge disparities in earnings between coaches in general and even of the same rank. As I mentioned above, some people just joined up for the coach discount. This seems to indicate that when it comes to the Beachbody coach income (and as with most activities that involve human endeavor and effort), success will depend on your own motivation level and commitment. This is visibly demonstrated by the difference in earnings between lowest and highest paid coaches at each rank. For example, the lowest earning emerald coach made $12 for the whole year, while the highest earning emerald coach made $83,793.

How Much do Beachbody Coaches Make?  — Wrapping Up

So there you have it. A comprehensive breakdown of Beachbody coach income and the Beachbody compensation plan. As you can see, for people who are motivated and committed, the program can be the key to huge financial and personal success. Those with less time to invest or who are less committed can still supplement their income quite nicely.

If you are considering signing up as a coach, sign up through this link and it will make me your personal coach (well coach for coaching). I will give you all of my strategies in order to be successful. I will even show you how to build a website just like this one step-by-step if that is something you’re interested in.

Normally it costs $39.95 as a start up costs to become the coach. If you haven’t already, I recommend starting a challenge pack. By purchasing a challenge pack you get the start up cost completely refunded! This also applies to if you had purchased a challenge pack in the past. As long as you apply for the refund within 30 days after signing up as a coach you can get your start up fee refunded.

If the Beachbody coaching program sounds like something you might be interested in, then please take a look at my other Beachbody articles and head over to the Beachbody coaching page to find out more about the program.

If you have any further questions about Beachbody coach income or the Beachbody compensation plan in general, please get in touch with me here. If you’d like to work together and have me help you grow your own coaching business, please use my coach ID (1339221) when signing up and I’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

Tyler Read has a Masters of Science in Kinesiology. Tyler is also a certified personal trainer with NASM, ACE, NSCA and NSCA CSCS. Tyler’s main goal is to help people get started in the personal training industry and to become successful personal trainers.

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