Hey everyone and welcome to my 21 day fix calendar article. The link to download the excel calendar will be located under the first image on this page. Overall the schedule is very simple because it only last three weeks long. There is an option on the third week to do the doubles schedule. That means doing two workouts a day for the last seven days. I suggest this option for people that are already in decent shape or for people that really want to push themselves to see the best results possible during the last week. This is one of the only programs that you will workout every day of the week. Most programs you need to rest your body at least once a week. The point of the 21 day fix is to get beach body ready as quickly as possible, so there are no breaks! If you want to learn more about this program check out my full review on the 21 day fix.

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Here is an image clip of what my customized excel sheet looks like. The download link is located under the image.

21 Day Fix Calendar (workout schedule)

The 21 day fix + doubles calendar is available to download from the blue button below.  The download is directly below.

If you feel like the 21 day fix program is right for you, make sure to sign up with me as your personal beach body coach. I have helped hundreds of clients reach their fitness goals through personal training and online coaching. Just use my beach body coach ID number 1339221 when you sign up in order to join my team. Some popular options are the essential package and the 21 day fix ultimate package.

The two additional workouts, Barre Legs and flat abs, are only available with the ultimate package. Let’s see what the 21 day fix workout schedule looks like.

21 Day fix Calendar (and doubles option)

 Monday Tuesday WednesdayThursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Week 1Total Body FixUpper FixLower fix or Barre Legs*Pilates Fix or Flat Abs fix*Cardio Fix Dirty 30 Yoga fix
Week 2Total Body FixUpper FixLower fix or Barre Legs*Pilates Fix or Flat Abs fix*Cardio Fix Dirty 30 Yoga fix
Week 3Total Body FixUpper FixLower fix or Barre Legs*Pilates Fix or Flat Abs fix*Cardio Fix Dirty 30 Yoga fix
Week 3 (optional)Total Body Fix and Pilates FixUpper Fix and Cardio FixLower Fix and 10 minute fix for absPilates Fix and Total body cardio fixCardio Fix and Upper FixDirty 30 and Pilates fixYoga fix

The six workouts in the 21 day fix schedule

All of these workouts last 30 minutes long

  1. Lower body fix: Lots of lunges and squats in this one focusing on your quadriceps, glutes and hamstrings.
  2. upper body fix: Mostly targets your shoulders, back, chest and arms with a little bit of core work thrown in.
  3. total body cardio fix: This is the hardest workout of all six of them. There are very little breaks and overall it is a total body workout.
  4. yoga fix: This workout focuses on your flexibility and balance
  5. Pilates fix: The Pilates is a  solid abdominal workout but also touches on the other areas such as your thighs, glutes and hips
  6. cardio fix: This is a pure cardio workout to jumpstart your metabolism and get your heart going

Tips and tricks for being successful with the 21 day fix schedule

  • Following the diet plan to a T is the most important part to be successful with the 21 day fix program.
  • If you decide to do double days on the last week, I recommend doing one in the morning and one at night for the best results.
  • Make sure to stay hydrated throughout the whole program and of water next year during your workouts.
  • Printout to the schedule so that you can hang it up in a convenient place where you will see it every day. This is extremely important for motivation.
  • Supplement smart. Shakeology is the supplement I recommend for the best results. It will give you all of your essential nutrients and protein in order to maintain muscle mass while burning body fat.

I hope this article on the 21 day fix workout schedules was helpful for you. I suggest hanging the schedule up on your refrigerator so that it reminds you to stick to your diet as well. This is one of the best programs that has gotten a lot of my clients a great results. If you continue to see fantastic results through the three weeks, you can always repeat the program to keep the progress coming. If you decide to go with the 21 day fix program, make sure to sign up with me as your personal beach body coach. I have dozens of free tips tricks and good use to help you be successful on your fitness journey. Just use my personal beach body coach ID number 1339221 when you sign up. Let’s take a look at some of the purchasing options for the 21 day fix:

  1. The 21 day fix essential package includes all six workouts, seven portion control containers, the portion control system,  a start here guide, a eating plan guide as well as one additional workout (dirty 30), three-day quickfix, 24 hour online support as well as a moneyback guarantee if you do not see the results that you desire.
  2. The 21 day fix ultimate package includes everything that the base kit did as well as two additional trouble spot workouts (flat abs fix and barre legs), a second seven piece Tupperware kits, a large container for the road (neatly fits all of the seven containers) and an insulated tote bag to carry your large and small containers.
  3. The 21 day fix challenge pack combines shakeology nutrition with the 21 day fix program (highly recommended for the best results).

If you still do not know which workout program would be right for you, check out some of my comparison articles such as: 21 fix vs PiYo, 21 day fix vs Extreme, 21 day fix vs P90x3 or P90x vs insanity. Enjoy

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