18 Shake vs Shakeology

Keeping healthy with proper nutrition is important in your healthy lifestyle and today’s topic details the differences between 18 Shake vs Shakeology brands.  In order to have a thorough understanding as to what is best for you and your health, you must have an understanding of the leading brands first.  In the comparison of the 18 Shake or Shakeology systems, you will have a complete rundown of the nutrients offered, some of the perks, the negatives, as well as what may work best for you.

Losing weight is a challenging task, which is why there are millions of adults spread out across the country who struggle with body weight year after year.  While some people try everything possible to lose the extra few pounds, sometimes all it takes is a minor adjustment to diet and lifestyle.  Your weight loss typically involves about 30-40 percent physical activity and the rest is from your diet, so this should be the indicator as to what can help you to lose weight.

The shake meal replacement option has been a rewarding system for many overweight and obese adults attempting to lose weight and it is a healthy way for these people to get nutrients without overeating.  In addition to avoiding excessive calories each day, adults can get the rewards of proper nutrition and have no worry about overeating.

Listed below is a complete comparison between 18 Shake and Shakeology, including a comparison of the nutrients, the pros and cons of each, and why each is a good selection for your lifestyle. You can pick up 18 shake on Amazon here as well as shakeology from the beach body website here. Getting through that link will make me your personal beachbody coach and make sure you are successful with it. Let’s get on to the article so you can see which one is worth it.

The Differences between 18 Shake vs Shakeology

What is 18 Shake?

If you are like the millions of adults in the U.S. looking to lose a few pounds and lean up, chances are you may have looked into meal replacement options as a way to decrease overall caloric intake while getting adequate nutrients.  18 Shake is a very popular meal replacement option that offers quality products, ample protein, as well as nutrients to keep the body functioning.  Let’s take a closer look into 18 Shake brand meal replacement and what it can do for you, your health, and your weight loss.

  • The Nutrients Offered in 18 Shake. First of all, there are quite a few nutrients that 18 Shake offers and if you are looking to compare 18 Shake vs Shakeology, this may be one of the biggest reasons to make the 18 Shake selection.  18 Shake contains vitamins A, C, D, E, K, B vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, selenium, zinc, magnesium, potassium, and so on.  Reading the label of this shake option certainly suggests that you are consuming a diet-like shake combined with a multivitamin, which is the purpose of drinking them (aside from weight loss perks). In addition to the abundance of nutrients in 18 Shake, a one-scoop serving contains less than 100 calories, little fat, and 15 grams of whole protein.  Also, each serving of 18 Shake contains about five grams of fiber, which helps with keeping you full for a long time after consuming the shake.  Fiber is one of the nutrients that is commonly under consumed in the adult American diet and adding five grams is about 20-25 percent of your daily needs.  This is a great option in meal replacements when it comes to nutrients offered and if you are looking for a healthy option in your weight loss journey then consider the 18 Shake as an option.
  • The Perks of 18 Shake. One of the perks was described above, which is the enormous amount of nutrients in each scoop serving.  The nutrients help to nourish the cells in your body and help to promote optimal health conditions.  When your body has a nutrient deficiency, it can lead to negative outcomes in your health and can cause certain side effects that your doctor would need to diagnose.  In addition to the nutrient perk, 18 Shake contains decent ingredients, meaning you are not eating a ton of artificial ingredients.  The ingredients are reported to be natural and the protein source is whey protein, which is a lean form of protein.  18 Shake is safe for those who have gut inflammation issues such as Crohn’s disease and irritable bowel syndrome, which means it is gluten free (make sure to look on the packaging for this labeling).  It contains no soy, so it is safe to have on a regular basis.  Lastly, the 18 Shake contains a 30 day guarantee, which is a definite perk if you do not enjoy the flavors.
  • The Negatives of 18 Shake. In order to fully compare 18 Shake and Shakeology, it is important to state some of the negative things about the shake system.  Both shakes are two brands that are closely geared towards meal replacement and finding negatives of each is a challenge.  However, 18 Shake has some.  For example, the vast amount of nutrients in the 18 Shake option is nice, but usually each serving offers too much, meaning your body eliminates the excess nutrients.  Plus, if you have two of these shakes each day, you are certainly to void out the majority of the nutrients, which is a waste.  Also, 18 Shake offers a 30 day money back guarantee, which is nice when you need it, but this option is available only because people may not enjoy the “natural” flavoring of the shake.  While these negative aspects are walking the fine line, 18 Shake is a competitive option to the Shakeology.
  • Why Chose 18 Shake? Why should you make the choice of 18 Shake or Shakeology to begin with?  18 Shake offers quite a few nutrients, which can be good or bad, but I like the fact that it contains an average amount of whey protein and a good amount of fiber with each scoop.  Meal replacements are meant to be meal replacements and when you overload the body with high doses of protein, generally your body excretes what it doesn’t need.  Not to mention, too much protein at one serving can damage organs, such as the kidneys, so be mindful that high amounts of protein are not always the best.  Typically people select the 18 Shake option as a way to save a little money when losing weight.  A bag of 18 Shake only costs about $50, which is pretty good compared to other options.  This is great for the adults who do not want recurring payments coming out of their bank accounts each month, since other meal replacement options out there have such a thing.
  • You can find 18 shake on Amazon here.

What is Shakeology?

In the comparison of both these products, the Shakeology shake option is generally considered the higher end option between the two.  Shakeology is a highly popular meal replacement shake option that is advertised to help adults lose weight, feel great, and cut cravings for junk foods.  While there are many similarities between 18 Shake and Shakeology, there are some differences.  Similar to the description of 18 Shake, listed below are the perks and negatives of Shakeology.

  • The Nutrients Offered in Shakeology. The Shakeology shake option has many of the same nutrients as the 18 Shake option, but there are some slight differences.  For example, Shakeology offers a good amount of the vitamins and minerals that the 18 Shake contains, but it also offers probiotics, enzymes, phytonutrients, as well as prebiotics.  This is quite nice for overall intestinal health and this can help to improve the absorption in your intestines as well.  In addition, phytonutrients are considered “super” nutrients that help to prevent certain illnesses in the body.  You can find many of these phytonutrients in blueberries and other brightly colored fruits and vegetables, not to mention they are found in wine.  There are only about 140 calories in a standard serving of Shakeology, which is slightly more than 18 Shake.  The extra 50 calories that Shakeology contains is not a big deal in the weight loss world and it can actually be more beneficial.  The added calories help to keep you full longer and can help to boost your overall satiety from your meal.  Shakeology offers about 17 grams of protein which come from a blend of whey protein ranging to chia and flax.  Overall, the nutrients in Shakeology closely resemble 18 Shake, with only a few modifications.  Due to these modifications, Shakeology is a healthier option without excess.
  • The Perks of Shakeology. This is possibly where the biggest difference between 18 Shake and Shakeology comes into play.  When comparing the perks of 18 Shake vs Shakeology, there are a few major points to discuss.  First, Shakeology contains digestive nutrients that support overall health of your digestive system, which is vital for weight loss.  Shakeology offers prebiotics and probiotics to help boost your gut health so consider this a great perk.  Next, Shakeology contains about the same amount of protein as 18 Shake, but from a wide range of sources including peas, flaxseed, and chia.  These options play a double effect, offering ample protein as well as fiber in each serving.  Lastly, Shakeology has a wide range of flavors and recipes to help you to boost your options, so consider searching around to find what works best for your taste buds.
  • The Negatives of Shakeology. Similar to the 18 Shake option, it is a challenge to find a negative point on the Shakeology shakes.  Due to the limited negative aspects of Shakeology, there are only minor points here to report.  18 Shake likes to show off that their shakes only contain one gram of sugar in each serving, which is quite nice.  However, what is the point of one gram of sugar?  Shakeology contains seven to nine grams of sugar, which is a sufficient amount to flavor the shakes without going overboard.  However, some adults feel that this amount of sugar simply is too much, so consider this a negative of Shakeology.  Lastly, Shakeology has only four grams of fiber in each serving, which compares to five grams in the 18 Shake option.  If you are comparing the 18 Shake and Shakeology closely, you can easily deduce that Shakeology has less fiber content, but only by a negligible one gram.
  • Why Chose Shakeology? Now that you have a little information on Shakeology, it is easy to see why making the selection between the two is an easy one.  Actually, they compare quite closely, but you should select Shakeology meal replacements over the 18 Shake brand because the quality of ingredients are much more practical and better.  The addition of prebiotics and probiotics makes Shakeology that much better in the nutrient aspect and the perks of Shakeology are much better as well.  Even though Shakeology has slightly more calories, sugar, and costs more, Shakeology is a better brand and offers better nutrition for your weight loss and healthy lifestyle plan.  A large container of Shakeology is only about $130 ($97 if you are a beach body coach), but it offers an entire month’s worth of nutrition.  This comes out to slightly more than $4 per meal, which is still better than expensive coffee shops, fast food, and what you would spend out at a restaurant. check my article here on how to save 25% on all beachbody products.
  • You can pick up a pack of shakeology here or if you would like they also have sample packs that you can purchase here before deciding on the flavor that you prefer.

So What is Better: 18 Shake vs Shakeology

This is difficult choice to make and both options need to be considered if you are serious about losing weight with the use of meal replacement shakes.  Both shake options offer quite a bit of nutrients and value, but have some differences to suit your needs.

If you are looking for a meal replacement shake option that tastes good, has low calories, and is loaded with vitamins and minerals then 18 Shake is a worthwhile option.  Also, 18 Shake is less expensive, but the cost of the shake brand is an indicator that the ingredients are not as high quality as Shakeology.

In comparison, if you want a meal replacement option with a proven record of helping people lose weight then Shakeology is an option for you.  This brand boasts better ingredients and is similar to 18 Shake in that it offers a fair amount of nutrients, just not in excess.  Shakeology has better quality ingredients and includes prebiotics and probiotics, both of which help to boost your intestinal health.  Honestly, the Shakeology is a trusted brand and is only slightly more expensive than 18 Shake, about $1.5 per serving more expensive, but again, this is worth it given the better quality of ingredients and the results that thousands have seen with it.

Consider each option very carefully and take each description as a way to help guide your decision on 18 Shake vs Shakeology.  Shakeology is my personal decision in this and it has to do with the overall offerings that Shakeology offers.  Regardless of your decision, you are making a difference in your life and health.

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Tyler Read has a Masters of Science in Kinesiology. Tyler is also a certified personal trainer with NASM, ACE, NSCA and NSCA CSCS. Tyler’s main goal is to help people get started in the personal training industry and to become successful personal trainers.

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